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Entrepreneurship and Mental Well-being


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English Language

The Entre-MWB Erasmus+ is an international research project aimed at developing practical and reflective learning materials that support and promote Mental Well-Being (MWB) amongst European entrepreneurs. Our international partnership is made up of three universities, two SMEs, two associations and two social enterprises. As part of our research, we are currently conducting a large-scale survey among entrepreneurs and we would kindly like to ask for your invaluable cooperation. We would appreciate if you could take 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire.
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Nederlandse taal

Entre-MWB Erasmus+ is een internationaal onderzoeksproject gericht op het ontwikkelen van praktisch leermateriaal om het mentaal welzijn (Mental Well-Being, MWB) van Europese ondernemers te ondersteunen en te verbeteren. Onze internationale samenwerking bestaat uit drie hogescholen, twee kmo's, twee beroepsorganisaties en twee sociale ondernemingen. Als onderdeel van ons onderzoek organiseren we momenteel een grootschalige enquête bij ondernemers en we zouden daarbij ook graag uw waardevolle medewerking willen vragen. We zouden het zeer op prijs stellen, mocht u een tiental minuten kunnen vrijmaken om deze vragenlijst in te vullen.
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Idioma Portugues

O Entre-MWB Erasmus+ é um projeto de investigação internacional destinado a desenvolver materiais de aprendizagem práticos e de reflexão que apoiem e promovam o bem-estar mental (Mental and Well Being – MWB) entre os empreendedores, que desenvolvem a sua atividade na Europa.

Esta parceria internacional é composta por três universidades, duas pequenas e médias empresas, duas associações e duas empresas sociais. Como parte do trabalho que queremos desenvolver, estamos a realizar uma pesquisa em grande escala, junto dos empreededores, e gostaríamos de lhe pedir a sua cooperação. Para isso, pedimos que nos doe 10 minutos para completar este questionário.
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Lietuvių kalba

The Entre-MWB Erasmus + yra tarptautinis mokslinių tyrimų projektas, kurio tikslas - parengti praktinę ir reflektyvaus mokymosi medžiagą, kuri remtų ir skatintų Europos verslininkų psichikos gerovės palaikymą. Mūsų tarptautinio tyrimo partneriai yra trys universitetai, dvi mažos ir vidutinio dydžio įmonės, dvi asociacijos ir dvi socialinės įmonės. Šiuo metu atliekame plataus masto verslininkų apklausą ir norėtume paprašyti jūsų bendradarbiavimo. Būtume dėkingi, jei skirtumėte 10 minučių ir užpildytumėte apklausą.
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Mental Well-Being and Burnout prevention for Entrepreneurs
How to maintain balance and strengthen vitality in challenging times.

29th June 2021
Free Event

Leading on from the survey we will be hosting a live webinar event on 29th June looking at the specific ways in which entrepreneurship can affect mental health and how to recognise and they might be prevented. The webinar will include workshops and focus groups to identify the needs of entrepreneurs that will lead to the final output of support and learning materials.
Targeted towards:
- entrepreneurs from all sectors
- small businesses and companies
- sole traders and start-ups
- social entrepreneurs

An online event, organised by the Erasmus+ ENTRE MWB team. Short keynotes of several speakers will give you new insights.

Dear (social)entrepreneur, entrepreneural professional,

As engaged and passionate entrepreneurs, we often push our limits. The entrepreneurial work setting is complex, intense, uncertain and demanding.

Long working days and the divergent responsibilities that come with an own business, eventually put strains on our psychological and emotional wellbeing. Stress, anxiety, depression and burnout syndrome are more common among entrepreneurs.


Karel Van den Eynde (°1962)

Has a long experience in social services to entrepreneurs, as a consultant and manager. He is currently manager of public affairs at Liantis, the HR services group affiliated with UNIZO, the largest organization of entrepreneurs in Belgium.

He will give a presentation on "The resilient entrepreneur", a recent research project on prevention of stress and burnout for self-employed entrepreneurs.


Märt Aro

Since 2004, Märt has established numerous organisations and companies in the area of education development. Märt is serving as Chairman of the Board at NGO Nordic EdTech Forum - N8 that brings together 180 founders of education innovation initiatives from eight Northern European countries with the aim of sharing experience and fostering cooperation. He is a Co Founder of Dream Apply a student application management system. In order to drive education forward Märt regularly collaborates with: United Nations, European Union, Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, People-Centered Internet, and many others. Märt will share his experiences of working in cooperation with the Ministry of Social affairs in Estonia to try to support people with mental challenges.


Dr Jacqui Taylor

In an increasingly chaotic and disruptive world of technology Dr Jacqui Taylor is a top 10 global Internet of Things innovator, she doesn’t just predict the future she engineers it. She has positively impacted the lives of over 1/2 of the world’s population and is supporting over 110 million entrepreneurs in 170 countries to unlock the Empathy Economy. She is an Expert Advisor to the G20, United Nations and European Commission and has created the Future Digital Economy plans for 180 nations. As the co-founder of the datajournalism industry 34 million citizens globally collaborate in her cutting edge research to support her work as the world’s first Smart City Tsar.
She created the Empathy Economy Online to share her G20 global plan with entrepreneurs via a unique membership offering. The membership will give entrepreneurs access to
Jacqui, and resources to meet the challenges of the move from the Sharing Economy. She is committed to supporting 1 million entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in the Empathy Economy, the future for all our businesses.

Welcome to the Empathy Economy
Dr Jacqui’s talk will be about the changes I needed to make to support my own mental well-being which have resulted in the creation of the Empathy Economy Online to share her
G20 global plan with entrepreneurs via a unique membership offering. The membership will give entrepreneurs access to Jacqui, and resources to meet the challenges of the move from
the Sharing Economy which she developed to support her own mental health during the pandemic. She is committed to supporting 1 million entrepreneurs to grow their businesses
in the Empathy Economy, the future for all our businesses.


Dr. Jessica Nooij

Senior Beleidsonderzoeker/ Data-Scientist | Institutional Research | Leer- en Innovatiecentrum |

Avans Hogeschool

Jessica Nooij, is senior researcher at the department of Institutional Research, part of the Expert Center for Learning and Innovation at Avans, and has a PhD in sociology and behavioral psychology. She has broad experience in applied research and developing knowledge and data-based interventions for students in higher education. Nooij has broad experience in leading applied research projects and translating the outcomes into effective tools for enhancing the quality of higher education on different levels.

Recently she conducted extensive research on well-being policies for students. She is project leader of a scientifically based tool that helps students to track and reflect on their own well-being in relation to their study. In this presentation, she will introduce this monitoring tool and the underlying psychological concepts and ideas. She hopes to be able to implement the tool on an institutional level after the summer and that Avans therewith succeeds to better prepare students to adapt to the challenges of more flexible forms of teaching in the future, and to deal with the major transitional changes they experience as a young adult.
Development of practical and reflective learning material that supports and promotes Mental Well-Being (MWB) amongst entrepreneurs of Europe.

Project Purpose: The purpose of the project is to address the concerning effect that entrepreneurship has on the mental health of entrepreneurs across Europe;

Project Goal: The project seeks to support the entrepreneur across Europe and to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of European start-ups by developing supportive and educational materials that support their health and well being.
Projects Beyond Borders Ltd
Project Manager: Dr Allan Lawrence


Instituto de Empreenddorismo Social (IES), Cascais / Portugal

Association Minties Bites / Lithuania

Businet / Belgium

Nordic EdTech Forum N8 / Estonia

Mediasphere / UK

Stichting Avans / Netherlands

Odisee / Belgium

University College Leuven - Limburg / Belgium

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Co-ordinator: Projects Beyond Borders Ltd
Project Manager: Dr Allan Lawrence
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