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Teaching Cases

A teaching Case is an extended case study built on a specific scenario that requires a deep level of analysis.   Our teaching cases provide an opportuniuty for students to study, examine and reflect on real life cases of mental well-being issues experienced by entrepreneurs.  Each Teaching Case is an industry-based scenario that may be used to enrich and make a learning activity more dynamic.  Learners could also be divided into smaller groups to provide an environment to tackle more complex and in-depth issues. This also provides a possibility to work on longer cases that may take several days for learners to work on. They will include a synopsis, including an introduction and background of the case to be considered, as well as guidance for both learners and the instructor or group leader. There are also suggested teaching plans, learning outcomes and key questions based on the accompanying toolkits.   Each of the teaching cases has been developed to provide students or entrepreneurs with learning experiences based on real life scenarios. Each teaching case draws on the learning from the Toolkits. 

  • Teaching Case 1 | National 3D Printing Society (N3DP)
    This teaching case concerns a social enterprise working in the field of additive manufacturing. The case is set during the Covid-19 pandemic and considers the many problems faced during that time. The case links directly to Mental Wellbeing; Resilience; Self Reflection Toolkits
  • Teaching Case 2 | Work Inc. Financial Issues in the Company

    Work Inc. represents most companies. This teaching case concerns financial issues in the Work Inc. company.  The U.N. SDG’s are driving entrepreneurs to think about social and ecological value besides just economic value. The need for change creates a need for investments and will cause huge financial challenges. How do deal with that as an entrepreneur? The case links to the toolkits Resilience, Mental Health & Well-Being and Networking.

  • Teaching Case 3 | X Oil
    This teaching case concerns the building of a resilient workforce.  The U.N. SDG’s drive entrepreneurs to think about social and ecological value besides just economic value. The oil industry has to change to renewal energy. This need for change causes huge investments and will bring new and big financial challenges. How do deal with that as an entrepreneur? The case links to the toolkits Resilience, Self-Reflection, Networking, Time Management and Mental Well-Being. 

  • Teaching Case 4 | The Sixth Taste
    This teaching case looks at looks at how pressure and decision-making can lead to burnout and challenge the  mental well-being in entrepreneurs. The case links directly to Mental Well-Being; Resilience and Self Reflection toolkits. 
  • Teaching Case 5 |  FitNinja Inc.
    This teaching case describes how the board members of FitNinja were forced to change the direction of their company by the global pandemic.  Consequently, this has had psychological and behavioural effects that increased levels of stress and burnout amongst the board members.
     The case links to the toolkits Networking, Reading the Signs and Resilience.
  • Teaching Case 6 |  CadPad
    This teaching case looks at how the pandemic affected new start up company CadPad 
    responding to a niche market need they foresaw at the time -   a growing demand for 3D Models due to the rise of additive manufacturing and augmented reality. The case links to the toolkits Networking, Reading the Signs, Time Management and Resilience. 

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